Our history

All people want to read the amazing story of every company, well, we are going to tell something a little different.


team members


clients, who trusted us


projects done

Making a creative agency from scratch is not easy, but not at all! Few will admit that the company was only two people for the first 6 months until it gained momentum and could afford to hire an employee. Well, you remember that with us things were exactly like that. Not to mention that while renting an office, we went to coffee shops and co-working spaces to meet with potential clients. We fought tooth and nail for every single client and project, and we can honestly say that we gave and continue to give more than 100% for every one of them. For us, there are no working hours and no days off when we are passionate about what we do.

Well, we will soon be 3 years old and things are a little different than they were then. Our team now numbers 8 people, wonderful young people with different expertise and interests. We also have a nice office, you will see pictures a little further down. But despite everything, some things have not changed - our desire to conquer new creative peaks, together with our customers!

Why did we tell you all this? So you know we're not here to just exist and do mediocre work. We are one of those companies - Go hard or go home. Because we care, we want to leave a mark with our work, to be remembered. We are looking for brands and companies with whom we can burn together in the things we do and grow exponentially together. If you think like us, then we are in the same dough, and we will definitely be happy to work together!

6 interest facts about Mindblow

Alway thigs must be simple

Really. If we can't explain something to a 7-year-old, then we're doing something wrong.

We don't take ourselves too seriously

We look for the same from our customers, otherwise we don't get along.

For us, humor is everything

We like to have fun, but also work through it. He engages and, yes, he sells!

Creative must sell

The ideas themselves are great, but if they don't sell, then we need to find another area for development.

We love what we do

We wake up and go to bed with ideas for our clients and work with a fire in our eyes.

We work with numbers and data

We like to measure the things we do because otherwise we won't know how good we are at what we do.